Fixed Matches Big Odds

Fixed Matches Big Odds


Match: FC Andorra – Real Oviedo

Pick: under 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.50   FT: 1:0 WON

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Fixed Matches Big Odds

Fixed Correct Score Matches 1×2

In February 2019, FixedMatch.Win Betting Resources published an article Halftime Fulltime Fixed Matches Big Odds modeling a bettor’s range of possible fixed matches winning betting returns. Around an expect performance there is a distribution of possible outcomes influence by good and bad luck, define by the mathematics of the normal distribution. To help bettors visualise this, we made available a simple performance distribution calculator fixed matches.

Flashscore place for watching live results and old results. This analysis only consider stakes of the same size (level stakes). Whilst I’m very much an advocate of this money management strategy, others quite reasonably prefer a different one. The most common one is to bet a percentage stake based on the current size of one’s bankroll.

Unsurprisingly, the aforementioned method is known as percentage staking. It’s a strategy I’ve discussed before on FixedMatch.Win in comparison to level staking. The simplest version is to bet the same percentage for every bet, regardless of the odds. More sophisticated versions, like Kelly staking, advocate taking both the odds and the size of one’s expected value into account when defining the percentage size.

How does percentage staking work?

Suppose a bettor starts with a bankroll of 100 units. They decide they want to bet 1% of their bankroll on their bets. The first bet will therefore be 1 unit. If it wins at odds of 2.00, the bankroll will now stand at 101. Hence, their next bet will have a stake of 1.01 units, which is 1% of 101. If the first bet had lost, the bankroll would stand at 99 units and the next bet would have a stake of 0.99 units.

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Kelly staking specifically defines the percentage figure that should be apply by dividing the expect value by the decimal odds minus 1. For example, a bet at odds of 3.00 with an expect value of 10% or 0.1 would be assigned a percentage stake of 0.1 / 3 – 1 = 5%. There are those who argue Kelly staking is too risky to be considered a realistic money management strategy, since it can sometimes advise very large percentage figures.

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