Iceland Fixed Matches

Iceland Fixed Matches


Match: Portstewart – Rathfriland

Pick: X

Odds: 4.00   FT: 1:1 WON

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Iceland Fixed Matches

Iceland Fixed Matches

Information about fixed matches It is clear that the number of agreements depends on the status of the tournament. The “richer” the competition, the fewer strange fights in it. The number of such meetings can be indirectly judged by maximum rates to events. Bookmakers often set maximums of no more than 3,000 rubles for matches of regional teams. Moreover, from one person it is allowed to make no more than 1 bet. The PPP may also require a passport. An idea of ​​how large the scale of “agreements” among amateurs and in the lower football leagues in Russia and Ukraine can be obtained by reading interviews with former players. Not all of the above can be taken seriously. But real witnesses and participants in such games vividly describe the events that once took place.

The most important thing is that there were, are and will be agreements. The formula for the middle peasants 3-3 is still alive. This is when home games are won by the hosts. This practice became even more popular when three points were awarded for a win. Thus, the middle peasants were guaranteed to score the required number of points so as not to fly into the minor leagues. Information about a potential deal can be gleaned from the statistics of previous meetings. The methodology is this. It is important for us to find a pattern when at home in matches with some middle peasants there were victories and defeats with them on the road. If this trend persisted for several seasons in a row, it means that with a high degree of probability the team will continue to play according to the same scheme in the next season.

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