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Learn Fixed Matches

Learn Fixed Matches


Match: Napoli – Salernitana

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.40   FT: 2:1 WON

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Learn Fixed Matches

Betting Instagram Football Matches

In the match odds market you’ll find the highest levels of liquidity for any football market fixed matches. Because of the high volumes matched many people believe that it’s hard to gain an edge or an advantage. And that because the movements in prices are so small due to the volumes involved that trading techniques applied to more volatile markets don’t work as well. The first thing you need to understand to be profitable playing. In this market it is what the numbers are telling you and how you can extract some value and ultimately win from them. Let’s learn fixed matches.

Understanding the prices

Take, for example to learn fixed matches, the toss of a coin. There are only two possible outcomes and they both have an equal chance of occurring. Therefore, the true odds of the coin landing on a head or a tail is 2.0 regardless of how many times you toss it. If five heads have landed in a row, it makes no difference. The odds are always the same – 50-50, or in betting terms 2.0 or ‘even money’.

However, in sports betting prices are not as easy to determine as they are in fixed odds-style betting. What you need to remember is that the odds displayed in the Match Odds market are simply an indication of the respective probabilities of the outcomes. If a team is available to back or lay at 2.0 the market is telling you that team has a 50% chance of winning or losing the game. Because to convert decimal prices to percentage chance you simply divide the odds by 100 (e.g.  100/2.0 = 50% : 100/3.0 = 33.33%). As a trader/punter it is then down to you to decide if, based on your research and analysis, whether that price represents value or not.

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A good way to learn fixed matches and know if you have managed to achieve a value bet is to look at the closing prices. The prices gain accuracy from the volume of bets placed in the exchange, in mathematical and statistical terms this is often referred to as the ‘wisdom of crowds’. The idea being that if you can get sufficient liquidity in the market it will move to its most efficient position and therefore close to the true odds. Generally the more liquid the market, the more you can trust the closing prices.

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