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Fixed Matches Sites

Fixed Matches Sites


Match: Atalanta – Frosinone

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.50   FT: 5:0 WON

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Fixed Matches Sites

Winning 100% sure Fixed Betting

Compare Odds & Lines

We just told you that getting the best odds fixed matches and lines is important. There are two reasons for this. For starters, better odds lead to higher payouts, so you make more money on the wagers Fixed Matches Site. Also, better lines can mean a greater chance of winning your wagers. Just a half- point difference on the spread can be the difference between winning fixed matches and losing a wager.

You’ll get better odds and lines just from betting online fixed matches, as Fixed Matches Site are typically more competitive than other types of bookmakers. Not always, but often enough. You can further enhance that advantage by having accounts at a Fixed Matches Sites, and shopping around to get the best deal for each wager you place.

Let’s use a couple of examples to illustrate this. We’ll start with a game where we’re planning to make a point spread wager. The Tennessee Titans are three point underdogs against the Minnesota Vikings and we figure they’re going to cover. Before placing the appropriate wager, we have a quick look around to see what odds and lines our Fixed Matches Sites are offering.

You’ll see that there are a few differences here. The first two sites both have the spread at three, but there are some variations in the odds fixed matches. If we were backing the favorites here, we’d want to use “Fixed Matches Sites B.” We’d be getting +100 instead of -110. That’s not a huge difference, but not an insignificant one either.

Big Odds weekend Matches 100% sure

But since we’re backing the underdog, the best odds fixed matches are at “Fixed Matches Sites A.” We’re getting -110 instead of the -120 at “Fixed Matches Sites B.

Results of Odds & Lines

“Betting Site C” is even better though. The odds Fixed Matches on Tennessee are slightly worse at -115, but there’s a four-point spread. That means we’ll win even if Tennessee loses by three. At the other two sites, that would be a push. It’s worth taking the marginally worse odds for a better chance of winning.

For the next example, we’re planning to make a totals wager. Chicago is playing Houston and the total is 44.5. We like the over. Again, we have a look around at our sites to see what’s available.

Looking purely at the odds fixed matches, we can instantly see we want to avoid “Fixed Matches Sites B.” We’re only being offered -115, instead of the -110 at the other two Fixed Matches Sites. When we look at the total too, we can see that “Betting Site C Fixed Matches” is clearly the best option. The odds are the same as “Fixed Matches Sites A,” but we only need 44 points to be scored instead of 45. That gives us a little more margin for error on our prediction, so we’re more likely to win.

Halftime/Fulltime Fixed Matches

Scenarios such as the two outlined here are common on football games fixed bettingBetting sites Fixed Matches will often have different odds and lines, so there’ll always be a best option for any given wager. Even when the differences are very small, it still pays to get the best deal available. By fractionally improving your chances of winning, and fractionally improving your payouts, you’ll definitely make more money (or lose less) in the long run.

Fixed Matches Sites Follow the Sport Closely

We did warn that some of these betting tips fixed matches are very obvious. This is perhaps the most obvious one of all. Paying close attention to what’s going on in the world of football fixed matches is clearly going to help when betting on the sport. The better you know the teams and players, the more likely you’ll be to make good betting fixed matches decisions.

There are several ways to keep up to date with football fixed matches and make sure that you have the information needed to make informed judgements and predictions. The following are the most effective.

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