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Europe Champions Fixed Matches

Europe Champions Fixed Matches


Match: Genoa – AS Roma

Pick: X2

Odds: 1.30   FT: 4:1 LOSE

Match: AZ Alkmaar – Heracles

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.30   FT: 1:1 LOSE

Match: Celta Vigo – Alaves

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.90   FT: 1:1 LOSE

total odd:3.21

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Europe Champions Fixed Matches

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Do you know what a ‘margin’ is and how crucial it is to your sports betting profitability? The bigger the bookmaker’s margin, the more accurate you have to be with your bets to make a long-term profit. Find out Europe Champions Fixed Matches more.

Europe Champions Fixed Matches

In essence the margin – also known as a fixed games winning tips betting over-round or market percentage – is the additional amount over 100% that the odds on all equally exclusive outcomes of an event imply.

Let’s use a fair die toss as an example. Each outcome (number) has the same probability (1/6) of occurring. Therefore for example, every £1 bet placed on rolling a ‘3’ should return £6 (including your £1 stake).

The decimal odds for this example is 1/probability = 1/(1/6) = 6.00 while its equivalent moneyline odds are +500.

However, a soccer fixed match ht-ft betting company needs to make a profit and therefore would offer odds of 5 rather than 6, which doesn’t fairly reflect the implied probability. Over six die tosses, your number is expected to come up once. Therefore if you staked £6 but received £5, the bookmaker makes £1 in profit.

It is however, important to note that in reality streaks are possible.

In this case, the implied Europe Champions Fixed Matches per outcome is 20% (1/5). However if you calculate all six outcomes, the sum of probabilities would be 120% (6 outcomes x 20% per outcome). The difference between the 100% and this sum of probabilities is the margin. In this case it is 20%, in favour of the bookmaker. Click here to learn how to calculate a betting manipulated soccer tips margin.

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