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1 Day Football Daily Tips

1 Day Football Daily Tips


Match: Man. City – Nott. Forest

Pick: 1& over 1.5 goals

Odds: 1.30   FT: 2:0 WON

Match: Porto – Gil Vincente

Pick: 1& over 1.5 goals

Odds: 1.40   FT: 2:1 WON

Match: Barcelona – Celta Vigo

Pick: 1& under 5.5 goals

Odds: 1.40   FT: 3:2 WON

Match: Bayern M. – Bochum

Pick: 1& over 2.5 goals

Odds: 1.60   FT: 7:0 WON

Match: Salzburg – BW Linz

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.30   FT: 0:1 LOSE

Match: Levski S. – Etar

Pick: 1

Odds: 1.20   FT: 1:0 WON


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1 Day Football Daily Tips

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1 day football daily tips have a bigger impact on games than a lot of people think. This is why we strongly recommend taking the ability of a head coach into account when assessing the overall quality of teams. There are also certain coaching trends that are worth looking out for.

For example, when betting the 1 day football daily tips for a game you might want to look at whether the respective coaches have track records of playing especially aggressively or especially defensively. This is very useful information when trying to assess how many points are likely to be scored.

There are countless other examples too. Some coaches show trends for doing especially well against defensive teams. Other coaches show trends for doing rather poorly against fast paced teams. Some coaches do very well when playing stronger teams, other coaches tend to do badly in high profile games. This kind of information can be very valuable when trying to make assessments about likely outcomes. So please, by all means, study coaching trends.

There’s one particular coaching trend that we’ve found to be very rewarding over the years, and that’s 1 day football daily tips trends. These can help you understand just how seriously coaches take 1 day football daily tips.

Knowing a coach’s attitude towards 1 day football daily tips can be very helpful if you choose to bet on these games. If a coach who takes them seriously is up against a coach who doesn’t, then that’s obviously a significant piece of information. It’s not enough by itself to tell you which way to bet, but it’s certainly a great indicator. The following articles explain this in more detail, along with other things to consider when betting on 1 day football daily tips.

1 Day Football Daily Tips

Bye Week Trends

We touched on bye week trends earlier. We believe they can be very helpful, and they’re absolutely essential to consider if you plan on using the bye week strategy. This strategy is based entirely on placing your money on teams in their first game following a bye week, so it obviously helps to know how they perform in such circumstances.

The most basic version of the bye week strategy is to simply automatically bet on teams immediately after their bye week. This is extremely flawed, as it doesn’t take anywhere near enough factors into consideration. But it can be a reasonable strategy when the necessary adjustments are made.

All you need to do is study exactly how well individual teams tend to perform after their bye week. If there’s a trend that shows a team usually does very well, then you’ve got a good reason to back them. If no trend exists for a team, then maybe the bye week doesn’t benefit that team as much as others.

Bounce Back Trends

How do you think most teams respond to a heavy defeat? Or after losing a heartbreaker? Or after losing to a big rival? It’s natural to assume that teams are going to be really fired up after such results, and will go all out in their next game and have an amazing performance. But, as with almost all aspects of football betting correct matches, making such assumptions is dangerous.

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